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Property Law

The firm deals primarily with property law.

The firm attends to negotiating and drawing of commercial agreements relating to immovable property such as land, houses, and sectional title, and the transfer of ownership of immovable property from the names of existing owners into the names of new owners.

We attend to a range of other issues arise from dealings with immovable property such as landlord and tenant and property litigation.

The firm has over 30 years in committed specialization in property law to deal quickly, professionally and affordably to your property needs.

Practice Area


In its strong conveyancing department the firm attends amongst other issues to:

  • the transfer of immovable property from the names of existing owners into the names of new owners, partition transfers, donation transfers and transfers from deceased and insolvent estates;
  • the opening of sectional title registers and the opening of township registers;
  • the subdivision and consolidation of land and the registration of certificates of registered or consolidated title;
  • the registration of surveyor general approved plans and diagrams and the registration of antenuptial contacts.
Practice Area

Sectional title

The firm attends to:

  • the opening of sectional title registers;
  • consulting with body corporates regarding the implementation of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, Act No. 8 / 2011 and other legislation pertaining to sectional titles;
  • preparing documentation for body corporates for general and special general meetings;
  • attending at and chairing body corporate meetings;
  • applications to and attendances at CSOS (Community Scheme Ombud Service);
  • litigating on body corporate issues.
Practice Area

Landlord and Tenant

The firm is conversant with legislation relating to landlord and tenant, and services include mediation with tenants, evictions of tenants and assistance with the Rental Housing Tribunal.

Practice Area


The firm attends to:

  • Magistrates’ Court litigation for the recovery of arrear body corporate levies;
  • High Court litigation arising from property related issues;
  • general litigation.
Practice Area

Wills and Estates

The firm attends to the drawing of Wills and the winding up of deceased estates quickly and efficiently with due regard to the needs of heirs.

Practice Area


Drawing of lease agreements; sale, funding and development agreements, and general commercial agreements.

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